Hydro Energy

Water is the most important element concerning the organism of the human body.
Fill up your body using only best quality water they same way you only use best quality petrol/gas for your car.
Drink spring water from a spring in the mountains if you have the possibility.
A few companies offer glass bottles (do not use plastic bottles) filled with spring water. Spring water is living and full of energy. It is very good for our body. Tap water and other different types of water (in plastic bottles) are dead, polluted and without any energy.
There are different water filters on the market, equipped with several filter stages and -systems. They are even able to clean extremely polluted tap water and to revive it a bit again. A water filter by “Acala Quell” is , by the way, the cheapest way to drink relatively clean water and water full of energy.
There are as well different water ionizers and other devices available on the market, to get the water cleaner, fuller of energy and more basic.
But: be careful while constantly drinking basic water! The balance of the body must not be mixed through it!
Everybody has a different balance of the body. It depends on the nutrition. Everybody should know or test, what he mainly eats and how he possibly makes his body too sour. The balance by basic water, for example, has to be controlled exactly.
The energy intake by bathing, playing, swimming or laying in salty sea water is very effective.
This provides the human body with pure life energy.
Conscious beach walks (with the feet in the sand) and sea water might cause a 3 – 4 times more increased energy intake: by ground contact, by sea water contact, by a deep breathing of the sea air and additionally, by solar energy which is mostly found close to the sea. Those who live close to the sea are the lucky ones.

Completation to the Water

Spring water, blended with a small amount of sea or Himalaya salt and daily taken, can provide the human body with its most important elements and precious energy as well as guard against deficiency symptoms. Sea or Himalaya salt contain 84 elements; the same that our blood contains.
This fact should make you think why it is that way!
Please do not use common salt from supermarkets that has been chemically treated and that has no precious elements.