Air Energy

Air Energy means Life Energy. We provide our body with a lot of energy by gut breathing.
The common chest/breast breathing, used by most people, does not provide our body with energy as much as the gut breathing.
There are breathing exercises through Yoga, Prana and so on, by which we human beings are able to relieve different sufferings and to provide our body consciously with oxygen.
It is always good to be at the coast, in the country or in the forests to breathe in pure and not polluted air.
Our body is not able to work properly without air/oxygen. Therefore pay attention to breathe in clean air.
Avoid housing areas that are close to streets or factories. At offices, keep an eye on fine dust that are caused by copiers and other devices.
The air/oxygen is nowadays extremely contamined in some regions. Therefore we recommend air filters in your flats and at your offices.
Sometimes we are partly exposed to many kinds of pollutions every day that can have unexpected consequences. Therefore keep an eye on how and where you spend your time.