We help people whether they are poor or rich and would like to show that something works without money/fee.
We would like to help as many people as possible and to set up a large centre for suffering and ill people.
We are just at the beginning. Each of us has a job to make a living and works here in his spare time.
Of course, we need support in all sectors to achieve what we call “our life task”:
a centre for all people who need help and who are not able to manage their life anymore.
We want to advise, look after, educate and cure people in this centre.
The topics in this centre will be very manifold.
They range from nutrition consultation, use of energies,information about spiritual healing, the elimination of sufferings and diseases, courses for people who need help, to seminars, lectures free of charge and so on.
You can help us by your power, presents and donations.
Who does not have anything, cannot give anything but maybe he can just pass on our words.
Through it, you help other people and yet you have given something.
Who has something left that he does not need and that can be useful for our subject, should simply give it or send it to us. We are grateful to every form of help.

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