Our advice is free of charge. It is no business. We do it because we love all people.
It could be called an advice among friends.
We have advice how you can cure diseases and how to solve several problems concerning your live.
We do not want to question medical doctors and their common medicine. We only want to show people that there are different ways to cure diseases than by stunning them through medicaments or by common operations. Nobody has to suffer. Everybody is able to control his life. The laws of nature and the self-curing are very normal.
Through energies from the cosmos and nature and by finding the way back to the love for all people, you will be able to live nearly without problems.
We try to help everybody who is looking for our help as often as our time allows it.
As almost everybody, we have a normal job to make a living and we operate this site as a hobby in our spare time.
Therefore we are not available around the clock but we try to do our best.
You can support us. Check the menu under “we are looking for”.