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Do diseases hint to something or do they result in something?

Both is true. It does not matter, which disease you have. You should be aware of the fact that your pain is probably a sign and a consequence that you did something wrong in your life. Maybe you ate the wrong way, you did not digest events from your past, you choose the wrong religion or somebody else took over the responsibility for your life instead of yourself. There are many possibilities and most of them turn up unconsciously. Many people have forgotten who they are, where they came from and why are they on earth at all!
Even if your disease is visible yet, you are scared and in pain, you should know: it is not too late!
You can start now doing the right thing to get healthy again. Maybe there were moments in your life you felt helpless, left and you did not know how to continue living.
Nobody helped you or was by your side.
This was also a sign that the time to help you had not come yet.
You were supposed to suffer and to experience something in order to perceive yourself more intensively and, possibly, you still had to solve problems.
While you are reading this, you can start to change something right now and to take the first steps towards health.
Time has come now, in case you understand the text on this site!
Never give up! Believe in yourself and let your body lead you through your soul.
You put yourself in this situation because of your ignorance.
You can get out of this situation through our help. We help you through our knowledge and our advice.
You simply have to start to change your life completely and to learn how to perceive your soul.
Firstly, please read everything about the soul and the Game of Life.
If you read the whole site from the beginning to the end, you should have a different attitude towards life afterwards and you can start living consciously.
Through it, you will notice after a short time that everything will change and you will get rid of your sufferings and diseases.
If you have any questions, just get in touch with us!

What makes us human beings really sick?
1. The human being makes himself sick because he does not live in harmony with his soul and he lives unconsciously (only materialistically).

Diseases are the mirror of the soul.
If the soul has problems, the body also gets problems somewhere.
e.g.: our human brain has been annoyed about a matter for hours.
This appeals the our psyche and afterwards to our soul.
The soul does not like what the brain is thinking and is giving a clear signal to the body: a kind of disease in form of pain or indisposition and so on.
It is very simple indeed: if your free thinking brain disturbes your soul by negative matters, your soul makes it felt your body.
The balance of body and soul is disturbed only because of your free thinking brain.
It sometimes helps to stop thinking negatively.
We should simply say to our brain that it only should think positively.
It shall not get annoyed or angry or even hate somebody or have negative thoughts permanently.
We should simply think: it is nobodys fault that things are as the are.
We can start to become normal again that way.
Why should we get annoyed about somebody at all?
This makes us really sick!
This makes sick and results in cancer!
The teamwork of body and soul is the condition to get healthy and to live without complaints.
Of course, negative thinking is not the only reason to get sick but a frequent one.
Other reasons are conflicts from the childhood or the past of a different life.
The soul tries to solve various conflicts in the present life again and again that it could not solve in the past life.
It only works with the help of the human body and its free thinking brain.
Is the brain too less consciously, only filled up with materialistic things and therefore not able to understand those conflicts, there will not be a solution and the human body gets sick again.
Many people carry around inner conflicts with themselves the whole life that were not digested.
They feel it sometimes and get small tipps but ignore them, live too unconsciously and, somewhen at the age between 50 and 70, get the diagnosis “cancer”. Some get it earlier some later. For many people is that diagnosis a chance and a turning point in their live.
Some “wake up”, become consciously and change their life completely.
Others get operated but continue living as usual and later they are surprised that they got cancer in a different place of the body and die.
It could be like that but it does not have to!
It is different concerning each person because everybody has to solve different live tasks and conflicts in the present life.
What shall I do when I am sick?
You are frightened and you have a choice You can listen to your brain and get a medical check up, a treatment and some advice.
Maybe that way you will know why you got sick.
You get a diagnosis by a medical doctor concerning your disease based on medical specialist books and you can read a lot about it in the internet.

(Recently, an old friend of mine visited me in my store.
I had not seen him for a year.
I noticed immediatly that there was something wrong.
I told him that he lost weight. “Yes”, he said. “I have lost 35 kilos. I have cancer”. He told me that he had tongue cancer and he had the choice either to lose his tongue and his whole lower jaw, to get a stomach probe and that he could not eat anymore or to undergo a chemotherapy.
Only the idea of all this made me dizzy.
His doctor said that the cancer was quite advanced, a chemotherapy would be risky and it had to be a very powerful one.
He said that he had made up his mind in favour of a chemotherapy and that he had already gone through it.
During the therapy he got kidney cancer bothsides.
Kidneys are very stressed during a chemotherapy, too, because it is pure poison to the body.
Anyway, he was operated on both kidneys and the chemotherapy had an happy end because the cancer came to a standstill.
In the beginning he asked his doctor, a professor from the University Hospital Dresden, why he got tongue cancer.
The professor asked whether he was a smoker.
My friend told him that he had never smoked in his whole life.
The professor answered that nowadays everybody could get every type of cancer.
Nobody knows why he got tongue cancer. If he had been a smoker it would explain everything.
I got an idea immediatly!
I have known this friend for quite a few years.
When I met him and we had a chat, he often was angry and was complaining about other people who wanted to cheat him.
He was swearing a lot at and talking negatively about other people.
Of course, he had a reason for it but his basic attitude towards people was negative.
One fact attracted my attention: tongue cancer……. talking negatively about other people?
There could have been a connection!
Of course there was……..but nobody gets rid of his cancer when he stops talking negatively about other people!
The main reason for talking negatively lays deeper: that is in conflicts of your past !)

You should listen to your soul once and try to find out the reasons why you got sick!
If you know why, you are yet on the right way to get better!
Maybe you need neither a doctor nor medicaments.
It could be it works without them and in a different way!
We do not want to talk negatively about doctors, either.
They only do their job.
If we did not have them, we would be helpless concerning a fractured leg, for example.
We need doctors for such things because we are not able to help ourselves……..but we are able to cure “soul problems” and their consequences, if we know how!
We can give you some advice on this site about how you possibly can get rid of your disease.
Seeing a doctor, operations, medicaments, healing methods, therapies and courses only help as long as you use and practise them.
After that, the problem turns up again or another one appears.
You will probably never know the real reason for your disease or suffering or, if so, only partly.

Through us you will be able to experience the Game of Life and you can find out the real reason for your problem and work on it immediatly.
We are convinced that every human being is able to cure himself because he himself created most of his diseases.
Of course, there are a lot more, different diseases that are caused by infections, accidents, poisonings, burnings, nutrition, defiency and epidemics.
Concerning those facts, we have to talk about “The Soul” again. Nothing happens by chance.
There is no coincidence. Everything is predetermined. Everything has its purpose.
If you suffered from one of those diseases or you had various accidents, you had to learn the hard way.
If you live in a country and you get sick because of a defiency of nutrients that your body needs, this is also something your soul has to experience.
It sometimes sounds very hard, unjust and unfair, when, for example, children in Africa die at young age because of a disease or starvation. When they die, it is an experience that was predetermined for their souls in this life.
There are different countries in the world where people frequently die and there are countries where it does not happen.
There is a balance, even if we do not want to understand that.
The soul experiences the good and the bad in different countries and learns through it.
It often depends on the human body and its free thinking brain to experience something in the right way and to learn through it or to continue going through life unconsciously.
We mostly have the choice to decide either what our materialistically influenced brain or our soul says to us. Generally, the information by our soul is better, although the soul itself has still been on a learning curve.
Our soul has stored gigantic experiences and data in itself and knows more than our human brain.

Everything is predetermined but we are able to influence it and to play the game actively instead of of being thrown through life unconsciously.

2. The human being gets sick because of his permanent fears and worries

Many people are permanently frightened concerning their jobs, to have little money, because of their spouse and children, because of a test and so on. Others had shocking experiences such as an car accident or their spouse was unfaithful, the death of a family member, the loss of a job and many other things that are shocking.
Through those fears and that imbalance between the free thinking human brain and the soul arise diseases and cancer. We should try to get rid of all our fears and worries or at least to reduce them that they will not be able to make us sick anymore. If we have been frightened for days and months, we can count on getting sick.
Of course, it is not always easy if, for example, the child had an accident, is in hospital now and the parents are worried. But this is exactly the point at which parents should stick together, think positively and try not to be frightened. Those fears could make the child sick in addition. It would be better if the parents did not waste their energies by being frightened. They should try to give positive energies to their child. Read about it under “questions & answers – energies – How do I pass energies?” That means in short, fears and worries make sick, too.
Do not forget, everything that happens is predetermined, even if it is tragic. Everything has its purpose concerning you and other people. Some experience something through it and learn from it and others teach or give something to others through this state. All of it is some advice to the human being with his soul, in order to solve special tasks of life.

3.The human being is made sick by intention through harmful substances that are liberated in the air and directly supplied to people.


Sendemast, Strahlung & Warnschild
It has assumed horrendous proportions.
We could (or we should) call it a “crying shame of the century”.
This topic is unfortunately too political, therefore we only give advice how you can treat, dam up and get rid of diseases that have to do with your soul.
I do not want to talk about all the allergies that increase year by year, that do not turn up by chance and that mainly have to do with Aluminium.
I do not want to talk about the fact that we human beings get contamined by gene-manipulated food or some medicaments, either.
We get poisoned from above by air and water, from the bottom up by cultivated food and, very officially, by medicaments, vaccinations and treated food. Unfortunately very few people notice that.
I would like to name only one disease that actually is rather a contamination of our body that has been increasing slowly and that has an enormous influence on our body.
This epidemic is induced that insidiously, that a “normal” person cannot imagine it.
Nearly nodbody knows this epidemic although hundreds of thousands has been suffering from it:
the “Morgellons Disease”.
There are many reports about it on the internet but focus your attention on our texts below.
Those are a lot more truthfully.
If you suffer from this disease, you can protect yourself or dam it up.
Probably nearly everyone is contamined by it and, under special circumstances, the disease might break out or even be activated externally.
Concerning those facts, we have to talk about the soul again and about how consciously we live.
Our soul decides if this epidemic will affect us or not.
Nearly all of us have to change their mind completely and have to start living more consciously.
We have to be in harmony with our soul!
We finally have to understand that every body has a soul and that this soul is responsible for the condition of our body.
This is the most important point concerning diseases and epidemics.
We will not achieve anything without that consciousness and we will be at the diseases and epidemics mercy.
We have to take care that our body does not get too sour.
That means our basic balance should permanently have an optimum condition.
We are able to clean our body by various aids in order to annihilate exogenous substances and to stimulate the body to excrete them.
(There are many aids and guidances on the internet).
Of course, everybody should avoid the taking of poisons, metals, medicaments and so on.
That means “living consciously”, too. Concerning this fact, nutrition and water supply are very important because those harmful substances are permanently transmitted by them into the human body.

The soul is the key to every “being” on earth!

Read under “energies – nutrition energy”, too.
There you can find many tipps how to dam up diseases or epidemics.
If we are in harmony with our soul and we live consciously, various diseases and epidemics will be unable to get at us.
The human body and soul prevent them from breaking out, even if we have them inside us.

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