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Secret of the 13 cristal sculls decoded

“Cristal Scull” is the today´s topic at “Lunaterramartis”.
Our medium has tested something about it. Here are the short but mostly interesting answers:
13 cristal sculls from the moon beings
There are 13 cristal sculls with removable lower jaws.
The well known Mitchell Hedges scull is one of them.
Those sculls are about 10 000 years old and where taken to the earth by the moon beings as a present for mankind.
A present of the knowledge of all 12 planets that belong to the planet family.
The sculls stand for the unit of mankind of all 12 planets.
The 13th scull is responsible for the connection to and the communication with each other among the 12 sculls.
The whole knowledge of a planet is stored in each scull.
The sculls were in the hands of the Mayas last.
They are about 6000 years old. Of course, the Mayas knew about the meaning of the sculls.
The sculls were at a good place in the hands of the Mayas until 1492 when Columbus “discovered” America.
They were torn apart and spread around the world in the following time. The sculls behave as human beings do.
Are the human beings not united, they are not either.
Only very few people know at all where one of the sculls is.
The present places of all sculls are in: China, Jamaica, Portugal, Mexico, Africa, Arabia, Cancun, Persia, Uruguay, Panama, Paquistan and Cazaquistan.
When the people will be united again one day, the sculls will find a way to each other, too.
Then time has come that people are able at all to test the whole knowledge of all 12 planets by those cristal sculls.
The whole knowledge about the 12 family planets (the earth is one of them) will be available for everybody.

12 cristal sculls from Lemuria
Besides that there are 12 old cristal sculls from Lemuria which were made there.
They do not have movable lower jaws. Those sculls are about 500 000 years old and they went down with Lemuria.
The sculls had been made within a year in Lemuria; as a kind of a second brain with an own intelligence.
Through them they had access to the main source.
They used the sculls to help, to heal and to get information from the universe.
Through it, the Lemurians were able to live their life with an utterly superior knowledge compared to ours.
Following those statements, there have to be spread 12 cristal sculls yet in the mencioned countries.
The places are kept secret. One of them shall be the well known Mitchell Hedges scull.
The 12 cristal sculls from Lemuria went down.
Therefore all the other allegedly found sculls without movable jaws shall be copies or later made replicas.

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