We want to help people to find a way back to themselves and to be able through it to get through the coming events on earth. We want to help people concerning their diseases, sufferings and problems and show them how simple it is to cure themselves.
We want to show people that there are other things on earth that influence our live.
We get a lot of answers through our medium to important, interersting and still open questions, that can relieve the live of every human being on earth.
Many things are still unexplored and unnoticed nowadays and still they play a scientific and important part in our live.
Through this ancient and hidden knowledge that was know thousands of years ago, it will be possible for every human being to look at his live in a new and different way and to live consciously.
Through it, we generally can help every human being who is interested in it and who is open to it.
All the answers and texts are not invented but received by our medium from the universe.
Through our medium we asked questions concerning many different topics and we got answers. Therefore we would like to open these answers to the public because of the welfare of every human being.
We are going to install a “question/answer” -site, too, where people can write down their questions.
Our medium/oracle is going to test these questions and to write down the appropriate answers on this site.
We help every human being who will get in touch with us as good as possible. We do not charge any money/fee for our help.
It is not a business to make money. It is a “for each other” and a “with each other” that works through charity.
We all have a very normal job and do this in our spare time.
We finance some of our activities by donations that help us to get a step further. Our main task is to build up an “aid centre” in Los Angeles with bases all over the world and for all people.
In case of your interest, you can get in touch with us and do something, whatever, for the people.
Help is needed in every city and every country.