A medium is mostly a human being , rarely an animal, that is able to communicate with other spiritual beings (such as angels, souls and so on)
Most people know that from themselves when speaking with themselves in thoughts. The difference concerning the medium is, that you get answers from other spiritual beings that are invisible.
A medium is also able to talk to or to ask such spiritual beings or souls directly. That happens mostly in quiet ( a kind of meditation), when the medium goes inside itself and creates a connection.
Nowadays there are courses in the internet that call themselves “animal communication courses”. Even there, everybody can learn how to get connected with his domestic animal or other animals.
Those who succeded, could call themselves a medium, too, because they got connected to and communicated with the spirit/soul of an animal.
There are a few different really good mediums in the world. A few see pictures, others get answers (more or less).
Others have visions, appariations and dreams and so on and a few ask with the help of a pendulum or a switch. This information is varied and comes from different directions.
Every real medium has its task and got its gift for it. Some people get this gift suddenly (f.eks. our medium). Other people follow a spiritual way for years and then get such a gift or not. It is very different and only happens when the appropriate choosen human being or the time has come.
Some mediums are able to talk to archangels, others only to their guardian angel. It depends on the task and the gift of the human being.
Our medium Manna has access to every spiritual being, even to the most developed soul that leads our planet Earth. Concerning this gift, our medium has to be more than grateful.
Our medium Manna has oracle abilities, too. “Oracle” means simply, that it gets answers concerning the future and predictions, too, although the future is probably always changeable.
Therefore we are careful concerning future predictions and and would like that you consider that.
Of course, in a personal case at the clearing up of an important matter, you can test this information by your request.
Our medium Manna is able to communicate with every soul literally (also with the dead, animals and plants).
It is also able to search to task of your live and other Things (testing of conflicts with other people, searching and talking to souls of missing human beings, animals and so on).
As our medium Manna has an old soul and needs absolute quiet, it would like to avoid public as often as possible.
Of course, in case of need you can meet it.
Only through quiet and love the medium gets the access and the answers, too, that can help you human beings to evolve.