Sexual Energy – Sexual Revolution – Sex as an Energy Source

A large topic that is worth it!
Sexual energy is one of the most important cornerstones to us in order get developed intellectually.
Sexual energy is life energy !
Sexual energy is food for the soul, too, because the soul steers our human body.
Sexual energy – It is the most powerful thing we can get and we ourselves can produce it…… either on our own or with each other.
Of course, the “with each other” is easier and more beautiful.
It is the only energy that can be produced by the human body whenever and whereever.
This energy is barely used nowadays and, probably, very few people know, that only by that, the human body could get a large part of its needed life energy.
As unconsciously as the human being eats as unconsciously he deals with sexual energy.
By more consciousness, we could use sexual energies and other energies a lot more intensively and therefore we could go stronger through life.
Through sexual energy, we could keep our body young and avoid a fast ageing.
We have more power and enjoy life!
Everybody knows sex and most of us have it in a way because it is one of the nicest and most pleasant things in human life……but we should ask ourselves why?
Do we have sex in order to make children?
Rather less….I would say!….because we enjoy having sex?
Why do we enjoy it?
Why do we have sex that often, why is it that nice and why do we long for it?
It is very simple! There is another purpose that is predetermined.
We can provide our body with a huge amount of life energy by it!
Sex does not exist just for fun or to make children but mainly to provide our body with energy.
The “Sexual Powerstation” in our human body is perfectly designed and specially made for it…….but nobody told or taught us that!
Why should people become clever if exploitation is the most important matter!
The topic “Sex” has been misleaded by “The System” for centuries.
Nearly nobody knows nowadays what a powerful energy source is inside him/her.

If we know how to draw sexual energy to our body specifically, that our body itself produces during the sexual act, we can draw that energy to spots that are ill, weak and without energy.
By this, we can improve the whole energy condition in our body.
We are even able to heal diseases and sufferings through that sexual energy.
People mostly have sex because they enjoy it, and, while having sex, they simply let fall flat the arising energies unconsciously.
They shoot the largest energy rush into the emptiness while having an orgasm (during which the whole built up energy is being released).
Many people are exhausted after they had sex and fall asleep immediatly because they had sex unconsciously.
Nowadays we consider sex as a common love play where all the factors have to be right.
On the other hand, people can buy or rent sex on every corner.
What has become of sex?
Some want to have sex and do not get it.
Others get sex offered but are too stressed-out to have it.
Unfaithfullness and escapades have never been as bad as they are nowadays.
Even in a common TV-programm-newspaper a half-naked woman tries to seduce you.
Mankind has lost the relation to sex and sexual actions with each other are determined by materialistic matters.

How can we revolutionize sex again?

Please, look at sex from 2 different directions.
1. Sex and love are something between 2 people.
We have sex with our partner because we love her/him.
We feel attracted and sought after and can have wild and passionate sex with each other.
We have sex for the reason of love and as a height of our passion for each other.
That is quite nice and everybody knows it. It should be that way.
2. We have sex to charge our body with energy.
We look at sex and we distinguish the different kinds of it from each other very consciously and we use it this time only in order to provide our body with energy.
We brush our teeth every day, we have breakfast and lunch everyday and we do countless small jobs everyday.
Why should we not charge energy once from the bodys own “energy powerstation”?
If we feel weak or we have to do an important job, we need some “fresh” energy.
It is a question of our attitude.
We could clearly distinguish between “this kind” or “that kind” of sex, if we want to!
Time for sex and love has come and time to charge energy, too.
Why should we do that?
Maybe we could save a meal per day.
We could lose weight and get a healthy and “normal” body again.
We could save 1 – 2 hours sleep and use this time for other things.
By determined diversion of sexual energy to a special spot in our body, we could heal our sufferings there.
We could pass on sexual energy to a determined part of our body (e.g. head) and therefore reach a top performance while studying.
Doing so, we can provide our body with additional energy and therefore feel good in our “stressful systems”.
We can confirm that it works very well and that we reached top performances through it because we very often tested to pass on sexual energy to different parts of our own body.
But the most important of all is:
We can feel, make out and percieve our soul and ourselves in a better way through sexual energy.
Through it, we get power and we are able to develope ourselves intellectually.
Through sexual energy connected to love, we create new human bodies and therefore we give other souls the possibility to incarnate in them in order to experience something on earth.
The human body needs energy everyday in order to move.
Most people get their energy only by eating.
Most people do not know other energy providers.
Everything is a question of whether we do eat or we do not and of our life energy that we urgently need everyday.
We waste a third of our time daily concerning food.
We need time to make up our mind what we eat.
We need time for shopping, to prepare the food and to take it in.
Mostly we also need time to digest the wrong food. We need time to wash the dishes and to tidy up the kitchen.
We need time to excrete the leftovers.
You should calculate once how much time we waste concerning the topic “food”!
If we saved at least a meal by having sex or we needed less sleep or we were simply more energetic, this would be something good.
The condition would be a right nutrition and a right way of life.
There is no other logical explanation why people like to have sex and like to have it that often.
Our human body can change itself while having it.
It is a perfect balance for people in areas where there are not enough food or other energy sources such as sun, water and so on.
It is so simple and clear, if you think it over quietly.
The knowledge about this powerful energy source in our body was cleverly kept away from us human beings by intention.
Some of us might think now: I lose energy while having sex, too!
Yes. That is right.
While having sex we can lose a lot or very little energy.
It depends on our behavior.
We can have slow, relaxed sex and lose very little energy and we can have strenuous, fast sex and lose a lot more energy.
But, by having an orgasm and its determined diversion, we get a huge energy rush, so that the (relatively) used energy while having sex is not worth to mencion.

We are able to produce energy, that we can take in consciously, by body contact and by rubbing our sexual organs against each other.
That means that we can produce and take in sexual energy before having an orgasm.
We only have to use and to spread these energies consciously.
It is very simple! Everybody should be lively and full of thirst of action after an sexual action.
We are able to transmit sexual energy to our partner while having sexual actions and to produce an effect at a certain spot of our body.
That means we are able to transmit our energy and to support our partner, if necessary.
The next question is how are we able to redirect sexual energies to spots of our body that need energy?
It is even easier than having sex! We do not have to make an effort or to twist ourselves.
It is really easy! We tested our highest soul in the universe because we only knew something from different books that was quite difficult to understand.
We got the following answer:
Through our thoughts, we simply draw energy that arises by rubbing against each other and while having an orgasm, to the spot that needs it!
It works very well just through our thoughts.
We simply imagine that we take our orgasm while having it, move it to a certain spot in our body and perhaps spread it there.
That is it.
If we really pay attention we can feel the itching at the spot we drew energy to.
Do not be surprised!
As soon as we have pulled the orgasm below, we really have the feeling that nothing has happened there.
The orgasm was really taken away. It is (partly) not as nice as it used to be but it is still “nice”!
If we practise it a few times, we get a completely different feeling and a very different view at things.
We used sexual energy in a different way as we did before.
That is exactly the point.
We can look at sex from different directions: sex as fun and a love play or in order to charge, to heal, to provide power and to develope intellectually.
Everybody should consider all these directions because only through them we are able to reach our physical and intellectual climax.

I am personally, who has just written this text, can, by a determined diversion of sexual energy, easily write until 1 a.m. Afterwards I sleep for 5 hours, jump out of my bed and go to work like everybody else. I have 2 -3 hours more time or 2 – 3 hours less sleep and I can leave out a meal. I feel fit everyday. I am full of thirst of action and I reach top performances at work.

Of course, it is different from person to person but it is worth it! It is pure life energy that was already used consciously by some of our ancestors. Unfortunately, this knowledge had been kept away from us for a too long time.
You should simply change your mind!
I wish you a happy trying!