Nutrition Energy

It is a difficult topic and the type of energy that is used as the only one on earth by most human beings.
If we used all energies that are around us, we would not have to eat that much and therefore we would save a lot of time that we could use for other, more important matters. Not to mention the saving of money.
Just calculate the time you need for the topic “food”!…….going shopping, making a shopping list, preparing the food, the time to have a meal, digesting because you ate the wrong way, the time on the toilet (some need a lot of time there), the conversation about the food and, not to forget, the visits of restaurants.
We waste alarmingly much time daily to provide our body with the necessary power by food, to get through the day.
We need a third of a day concerning food, another third for work and the rest for spare time and sleep.
But if we eat that much, using only this source of energy, we should at least be aware what we eat!
It is better to eat “living” food and food full of energy than “dead” food without any energy.
Eating raw food is better than eating cooked one or warmed up one.
From + 40 Celsius on, food loses its precious energy and it just “dead” (without energy).
Biological vegetables and fruits, preferably from your own grow or from biological farmers you know, are the best. It is recommendable to peel them before eating to not to absorb chemical harmful substances that are in the air, completely.
Vegan food is the solution! Take also care that your body does not get too sour!
(The test strip for the PH-levels is available on the market).
You cannot eat lots of vegetables and fruits of all kinds because they can make your body too sour.
Attention! Not every “biological” product is really biological! Most of biological food is more or less chemically treated, too.
Vegan nutrition starts in your mind and finishes at your taste.
Nothing tastes good in the beginning. We only know: this food is better. In the end it tastes very good because the taste and the body got used to natural products again.
After a while you will even be able to taste the chemistry and the animal from animal and contamined food.
Through vegan nutrition many people have problems concerning a Vitamine D and B12 scarcity.
There is Vitamine D in button mushrooms and in sun ripened avocados that you can find everywhere.
Sun dried oyster mushrooms from China are even better.
There is a lot of information in the internet about where else you can find Vitamine D.
We absorb a lot of Vitamine D by getting sun, in case we live in a sunny country.
Unfortunately, Germany is not such a country.
Vitamine B12 can partly be created in the human intestines.
Condition is a correct nutrition by eating unwashed vegetables and the bacteria on them.
This works, following the science, only partly or it is not enough to meet the human demand.
The occurence of vegetable Vitamine B12 or the creation in and the intake into the human body is still very controversial nowadays and too less researched.
Therefore we recommend to take B12 nutritional supplements to avoid any risk.
The following advice and the following answer by the maximum soul of our planet after the question by our medium in case of B12, is, unfortunately, not understandable for most people.
Therefore only in passing: people who eat vegan food, who live consciously, who meditate a few minutes daily and who are connected to their soul and their universe, do not need the B12 nutritional supplements because the soul of those human beings is connected to the body and the organs, makes them work and keeps them alive.
That means the soul takes care that the human body produces what it needs a lot and transforms it in the way to keep the human body healthy.
It is hardly plausible but it should be like that.
This is, probably not by chance, the point concerning vegan nutrition, at which people who eat vegan food ask themselves permanently: why are not there enough B12 in plants but a lot in animal products that nobody should eat?
What is right? People should not eat animals and only eat plants but they get ill somewhen because of a B12 scarcity.
There is, strangely, enough B12 in animals. Therefore should we human beings eat animals yet?
Many vegans certainly think there is something wrong.
Yes, there is something wrong. There lacks something. There lacks the consciousness of many vegans.
Vegan nutrition is certainly right and a good step towards a “wake up”.
Who eats vegan food and still lives unconsciously, continues needing B12 nutritional supplements.
Who eats vegan food and lives consciously, does not need them.
“It is that easy!” is the answer by the maximum soul of our planet. It is unbelievable, is not it?
Do not eat animal products because they clog and paste the human body and they partly deposit in it.
They are not decomposable, too. Main causes of death are strokes and heart attacks.
Those are caused by narrowed blood vessels. Scientists say that blood vessels get narrow because of animal fats.
Animals do not exist to be eaten by us and that their guts are sold as delicacies by us.
They do also not exist that we put their heads in our hunting lodges as well as they do not exist that we wear their skins as clothes and walk around with them.
Every animal has a soul and its life task!
Avoid food in metal (especially aluminium) and plastic containers or packages because of the many poisonous substances.
If you have to cook or to warm up yet, use glass or ceramic pots to not to absorb those poisonous substances from metal pots or coated pans.
Micro wave food = food killed by bombs!
You should not eat “dead” food (food without energy) because the human body cannot gather energy from it.
The consequences: the human body suddenly needs energy to digest the “dead” food.
Instead of giving energy to the body, you gather energy from it!
Through it, the human being is on the horns of a dilemma. He gets hungry again and fat and lazy in the end.
The first point are our eating habits. We eat “wrong” and “dead” food (pizza, burgers, cake, bread, hot cooked food).
The body needs energy to digest this “dead darbage”. What does the body do? It screams for energy.
We, as ignorant people, give energy to our body almost only by food. That means “hunger” again. “Hunger” means to us to eat even more……and we eat “wrong” food again.
Our body screams for energy again to digest the food once more….and we eat “wrong” food again…..and so on and so on.
It is an endless circle. It is quite obvious what is going on!
The fat and harmful substances from the “dead” food are deposited by and in our body because it has too less energy to digest them….and we get fatter, sicker and weaker.
It is very simple! When I am hungry I eat raw food with lots of energy, preferably raw vegetables and not cooked or warmed up ones. (Please not too sour! Watch out what kind of raw vegetables you eat!)
Through it, our body needs very little energy to digest this food. Besides that, we do not gather energy from our body. On the contrary! We provide it with energy by eating “good” food full of energy.
Why is our intestine that long?…….because it was made to absorb the energy of vegetarian food that needs a long time to be digested.
We do not get fat by eating healthy food and we do not “pollute” our body through it. Our body has not to deposite anything because we provided it with healthy food full of energy. We still feel fit after a meal and do not have to rest to digest.
It is that easy…….but we have to understand it!