What is a soul ?

It is an energy form with an own intelligence.
Every human being, animal and plant is occupied by a soul.
The souls are created and distributed in the universe (in the galaxy “milky way” in a spheric space).
The soul is perceived as an energy form in and around the human body.
We can imagine the soul simply as a second, invisible brain, that steers the body as well as the human brain.
The soul is connected to all parts/organs of the human body.
The soul has an influence on everything we do (more or less 1 – 50%).
It depends on how we are connected to our soul.
The soul collects and stores experiences concerning the human body.
After the death of the human body, the soul goes (predeterminedly) to a new unborn human/nonhuman body here on earth or on a different planet.
The soul sometimes works as a guardian angel for people, too.
Our soul spends its life mainly on earth but sometimes on a different planet, too, in order to experience something there.
When the soul has experienced everything on earth, it mainly goes to new existences on a new planet in order to experience everything concerning that new planet.
It goes on like that. It is an endless game that is far away from our so far power of imagination here on earth.