We must distinguish.
Many confuse Dual souls with twin souls.
Dual souls are contradictory.
Twin souls are equal.
Twin souls are 2 souls that are almost the same at the moment (the moment can last decades).
The have the same traits, preferences and attitudes.
They have nearly the same rhythm (not 100%).
Twin souls do not look for each other and do not necessarily belong together.
We do not have to look for them, either. Either we meet such a soul predeterminedly or not.
Concerning the billions of souls that exist, it is quite normal that there are souls that have nearly the same traits.
They can be very different concerning their life tasks.
Those tasks might not be the same to 99%.
If there are 2 people who have found each other, who have the same rhythm, it could mean they have twin souls.
By the way, both souls have to have the same traits as well as the same brains!
Who once had the pleasure to meet a person who is the same as he/she is, knows what that feeling means!
It is a really rare case! It is a even stronger feeling as if somebody “only” meets a member of his/her soul family, with whom he/she had spent the life before as a couple.
Such a relationship between 2 people can work for years and decades until one of the life tasks has been solved by one of them.
That person necessarily tries to solve the next task which is definately not the same as the partners one.
This might lead to the fact that 2 people do not get along with each other anymore as they used to.
It is like that, concerning all the relationsships among people.
It is a “coming” and “going”, sometimes for a short sometimes for a long time.
It depends on peoples life tasks whether couples get separeted again or they stay together.