There are endless sufferings and diseases in the world, but why are they increasing?
The human being becomes ill through
fear and mostly
through the soul.
A major part of all diseases and also cancer and so on are produced by the psyche but not necessarily by your feeding or by poisonous substances that we absorb through our body.
If our brain/psyche is not in harmony with our soul, the soul makes the body felt it in the form of diseases and sufferings.
The soul steers our whole body at about 50% and is able to give signs and make them felt.
We ourselves mostly create our diseases and we ourselves can get rid of them.
The unconscious life of many people results nowadays in diseases and cancer. Our feeding is bad, we eat contaminated food and drink the wrong drinks. We treat our body with poisonous chemicals and permanently violate the laws of nature. We live unconsciously in a world and do not even notice that we are manipulated and exploited. We really do everything to get ill.
You can put an end to it, if you want!
It is very simple but also difficult for most people who had been manipulated by the system for decades.
It is up to you. You can change your life completely and start it all over again. The Word “disease” will be strange to you.
Our medium is able to test your soul and to get exactly the answers about what makes or made you ill.
Through it, you will be able to treat the reasons, to eliminate them and to get healthy again.
Of course, you have to change your lifestyle completely to gain a long-term health.
We can help you by giving advice.
If you have a problem, just get in touch with us. We like to help.