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What does popular scrunity mean?

We can divide popular scrunity into 3 categories…..

National dulling

– TV-providng programms – serials, advertisement, various pop music bands, radio, newspapers, various books concerning the education at schools and universities and so on…..
Various TV-programms which are seen by millions of people, are mainly transmitted at the weekends because the human being must not get a rest, otherwise he might have time to think about himself.
Many people are guided by TV-programms and get delighted almost daily about other people on TV, that are made like a fool because of their ignorance.
But who really is the most foolish?
The human being that gets caught by TV-programms to be the fool there?……or the people that need exactly this and have to watch it permanently in order to increase their own unconscious ego to feel good?
A healthy, conscious human being does not need such programms and would spend his time to achieve other meaningfull things.
Please ask yourself!
Are you a healthy and conscious human being?
Elections of any kinds, it does not matter who will be elected, but who still votes, to find out with how many people can be played yet.
A perfect puppet theatre for the world.
Waste separation – do not forget our environment – a real businnes for those we presort the garbage for, after they have sold us the garbage quite expensively.
Therefore we pay for these “beautiful” packages and invest time to sort them.
Besides that we partly pay for the disposal.
In short: we have paid 3 times for it but the real work was done only once because working time means money nowadays.
There are many more things that contribute to brainwash us human beings.

Peoples Diversion

Of course, work and making money is the mainjob of mankind.
There is no much free time nowadays.
The word itself says it: FREE TIME. We are FREE during this TIME.
What/who are we during the other time of the day?
We are prisoners of a system and we are exploited.
We work partly as much as the slaves had to work in ancient times.
If nowadays everything was distributed fairer, the unnecessary things were abolished, the human beings worked with each other instead of against each other, it surely would take us half the time to guarantee a quiet and peacefull life for all people.
Image you would do something meaningfull for the wellfare of mankind for 3 – 4 hours a day and the rest of the time would be FREE TIME!
Popular sports, for example football, that actually do not have anything to do with sport but only with money.
The sporty achievement is not important anymore as it used to be.
For example: when a village played against another one.
Nowadays players are bought from all over the world in order to earn the highest profit.
Who has the most money has the best players and mostly wins.
Winnung means above all “money” an less winnung for sporty reasons.
What does this have to do with sporting competition or sportsmanship?
Unfortunately most people do not see this anymore.
It is simply sad that the world has come to this stage.
The saying “money rules the world” fits perfectly to it.
Would it not be nicer, if team A with its players that people had seen growing up, training and playing in their hometown, played against team B from another town where everything had been similar?
Does it make sense to support and to see a team of bought professional players or to see how the own team is beaten each time by a team of professional players?
In the past many sports had some character.
Nowadays, games that do not have anything to do with sport are used to divert people and to make crazy whole nations.
Political decisions are mostly made and passed in such times.
– cars? Who has got the better car? Why is it more important that people keep their car in a good condition instead of looking after themselves?
Cars have become more important to many people than his/her spouse (at least here in Germany).
– mobile phones, text messages, apps free of charge, Ipads full of music to divert and to bear the day-by-day, play consoles providing violent games, social networks on the internet where everybody is proud to have found thousands of friends because he/she is not able to find any in real life, crossword puzzles that make everybody think he/she is smart and so on…..
Go out consciously without your mobile phone and sit down on a bench somewhere in your hometown.
Observe the people!
What will you see?
Nearly everybody is playing with his/her mobile phone or he/she is calling someone or sending a text message.
It is frightening if you observe it.
Do it for an hour, if you have time!
You will learn something through it and it might change your life!
Observe all the people that are going by and look at their faces carefully.
People that are calling someone or that are writing text messages mostly have a smile in their face and all the others that are not doing this have a sad face.
It has become like that, at least here in Germany (Little America).
Sometimes we are waiting sitting in our car in front of a supermarket while one of our friends is buying something.
Meanwhile we are counting those who are coming out and going in. 1 – 2 out of 50 are smiling or laughing.
The others are having an emotionless and annoyed face. Is that normal?
Why is it like that?
Many play computer games at home for hours.
Why is it like that?
Do not the parents have time to teach their children something else or are they too busy to organize their life?
– discotheques where the youth shall be diverted by music (music = drug) from real life.
– There are different kinds of music!
– artistic music that is partly able to put people in vibrations and that has an effect on our soul.
This music can be reassuring and can also have an energetic and motivating effect.
But there is music, too, mainly among young people that is hypnotizing and manipulating.
This music puts people in vibrations in which they feel good ( a kind of a trip).
Everybody can see this, looking at the faces of the dancing crowd.
Those people have a happy feeling inside them and they are in a kind of trance.
Such a happy feeling should mankind actually have everyday but if there is no music anymore those people seem to be less happy.
Strange, is not it?
Please observe this…..or you might notice it regarding to youself, too?
Exactly at this point people should ask themselves!
What is wrong with the music and with themselves?
– drugs and alcohol to bear the system instead of doing something against it……
– drugs and alcohol is a solution for many people to bear suppressed matters.
There are drugs and alcohol everywhere. The consumption of them is a means to keep calm some groups of people.
Drugs and alcohol are supported by people I do not want to mencion here.
This is not our topic and it would become too political.
– popular festivals where people have to buy a ticket to get in in their own hometown in order to buy expensive food and drinks.
In the end they find a ticket at their car because the town has not been able to provide enough car parks.
You should be aware that you are made like a fool.
Chistmas markets can be nice, if they are the right ones.
In small villages they still have (mostly) something traditional and warm.
It is completely different in big cities.
Crowds are standing and freezing in the cold……..just to buy and drink a few glasses of expensive and bad mulled wine…..later they can say that they have been on the christmas market.
It is a pure massprocessing with ill-making sausages and bad mulled wine.
Unfortunately nobody notices that anymore.
Every year the same products are sold and most people go there to drink mulled wine and to meet someone.
Consider the following: the human being goes in the cold to meet other people.
Of course, he/she drinks mulled wine to warm him-/herself up.
For this he/she pays a lot of money that he/she has earned through hard work.
At the same time he/she poisons his/her body by taking in those things.
Three things are converging quickly: freezing in the cold, a lot of money for nothing, poisoning the own body.
Could a gathering among friends not take place in a different way?
Do we have to run to parties and markets to feel good?
Shall we make rich the managers of popular festivals and christmas markets bv paying a lot of money for bad qualitiy-mulled wine and sausages?
I do not think so.
First of all we should find the way back to ourselves again.

Popular Manipulation

– money, chemtrails, medicaments, vaccinations and their controls, seeds, harmful electronic smog and so on…
We are that diversed that we do not notice the spiritual world anymore that surrounds us.
We have been educated, guided, influenced and manipulated that way since our childhood.
Therefore we do not have time anymore to concentrate on our own ego.
It is not even our parents fault because they grew up the same way in this manipulated system and nobody taught them something different.
It has been going on like that for many years, just a bit different and more adapted to the developement of mankind.
In ancient times we were kept as slaves and lashed while building pyramids and nowadays we are kept as free living “worker bees” in a system that is perfectly manipulated from top down.
Somewhen in the past whip slavery did not work anymore because mankind developed and therefore the powers that be had to invent something new.
Money and religion were invented.
Therefore it has been possible until nowadays to guide people determinedly to keep them calm and to exploit them secretly.
Everybody knows if he/she thinks about it quietly, what he/she does from the morning until the evening.
Mankind mostly runs after money.
We have become utterly dependent on it.
By the determined use of the media, we get offered new products again and again, which we want to have and therefore we have to work more.
Without money people do not have accomodation, food and clothes.
All these facts push people into work in our today´s society.
The adaption to other people, the pressure to have as much as the others and the importance of reputation towards other people are such ways of thinking. These pressures influence mankind heavily nowadays.
There is a saying we once read on a wall:
“We buy things we do not need, spending money we do not have to impress people we do not like!”
The bad thing is that many people unfortunately have become like that!
People are that diversed by technical toys, various dependences, envy and annoyance in order to keep them busy and therefore calm.
People think the have a right to a say concerning political decisions and elections……although all this is only a kind of theatre and their opinion does not count at all.

We talk about national dulling, peoples employment and national manipulation.

The life as a child ( until it attends the kindergarten) could still be called a “natural freely vibrating life”.
It slowly starts in the kindergarten in preparation for school.
At school the child gets the “right” education for the forthcoming life.
As a clever man, probably known by many, once said: “There is no education at school because we are only taught things that are useful to fit in the slavery system.”
After school we start to work and want to earn as much money as possible in order to have a good life after we have retired.
We work until we are 65 years old to “enjoy” perhaps 10 – 20 years as a from our working life exhausted person.
Good expectations…….I would say….
Everybody should think about it quietly.
During our working life we would like to buy all these nice “toys” offered by the media in order to become happy.
Of course, once a year we would like to go on vacation, too, spend all our saved money that we earned through hard work throughout the year.
On vacation we would like to have fun and a good time for 2 – 3 weeks.
After that we go back and get depressed for a few weeks being still on vacation in our mind.
Of course, we would like to have a good time again and therefore we start to work again to save money…….to feel good again next year for 2 – 3 weeks ….
Does it sound as if we had a balanced life?
If everybody thinks carefully about it, perhaps he/she would notice that all this is complete nonsens.
We live like slaves, just a bit more comfortable and without whips.
We have become slaves of the powers that be.
We should be kept ignorant.
We should not think about the fact why we are in this world and which tasks we have here.
We did not have any possibility to know who we are, where we come from, and why we are here.
We have been slaves until today.
Concerning technology, we advanced within the last 100 years but spiritually we did not continue to develope.
We got stuck or we even developed backwards.
At school we are taught matters from which we perhaps need 20%.
There is no subject that teaches us how to deal with natural energies and powers or the way we can get connected spiritually to other beings.
There is no subject concerning nutrition which could teach children the way to nourish healthily.
The really important matters of life are (strangely) not taught at school.
Nobody tells us at school who we are, where we really come from and why we are here.
There are that many matters in the spiritual world (approximately 50% of our body) we do not know and that nobody teaches us because they are oppressed, prevented and manipulated.
Actually we human beings could communicate well spiritually and could heal diseases only using our mind.
We would not even get ill anymore because we would know what makes us ill.
We could use nature, cosmic energies and our own energy determinedly.
Therefore we would have a lot more life power and could achieve a lot more through it.
Only by the right nutrition we could safe a meal a day, if we used the other existing energies.
We could use energies free of charge that are available for everybody in order to operate our electronic devices instead of polluting the environment through nuclear power plants.
A lot would be possible if we had the time or if we took the time to live more consciously and if we tried to find ourselves.
If every human being would go inside him-/herself and would be conscious of his/her own spiritual power, he/she could discover interesting abilities of him-/herself and he/she could do things creativily.
If we human beings lived consciously together, no manipulation of our race would be possible.

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