Light & Darkness

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Almost all human beings live in complete darkness.
The only light that exists is inside us but it shows up in very few people.
This darkness we are in, has been created by “beings” that manipulate us daily and that work with black magic.
It does not mean we are in the light because the sun shines everyday.
Many people also think if they do not practise black magic, they are free from it. Unfortunately it is not like that.
We are daily steered, diverted, made sick and manipulated by different influences.
Black magic surrounds us.
This magic creates a kind of darkness that we cannot see but feel.
We had been that “well” influenced that we go completely unconscious through the world and do not even notice what happens to us.
We are tired, exhausted and without any energy because our energy is drawn off.
We sit in front of the TV and get manipulated by and dependent on the media through specifically wrong information and manipulating commercials.
Only a person that lives very consciously is able to protect him-/herself against those negative energies.
But the worst of all is:
We get polluted daily by chemtrails (google for it on the internet) that contain steerable nanoparticles, poisonous metals and other dubious control substances.
We breath them in, we take them in through food, we drink them, we get inevitably in touch with them because those particles are already incorporated in material things.
Everybody has them in his/her body.
Everybody is affected. Through it, we lose our life energy and we are made sick.
We become transmitters and receivers of signals that are able (in extrem cases) to make us steerable because those nanoparticles can influence our DNA.
It has an effect on us human beings in form of a kind of negative energy.
This energy wants to separate us from our soul. We shall become weak and steerable.
This is the objective.
We shan´t have an own consciousness anymore.
If we are separated from our soul, we are not conscious anymore and we only will be guided.
The connection with our soul is the key to everything !
We human beings are already in a kind of mill that turns around and that forces us to turn around with it.
That happens through the influence of many dependences, the lying media, the pharmaceutical industry, materialistic addiction, consumption, fear and so on.
These powers that guide everything are only able to exist in the darkness and to rule through black magic.
Everybody has a light inside him/her that he/she can show from outside. Unfortunately very few people do it.
We human beings have to try everything in order to become conscious and to notice what actually has been done to us.
We have to try to shine brightly from outside and people should help each other to achieve that.
More and more people have to find the way to each other in order to shine brightly.
Then, we will be able to push the darkness away: a shiny world without manipulation and fear……..and a world of love.
By then, we are no batteries anymore that can be drawn off to nourish dark powers.
By then, we are free and can be creatively active for our own world.
Everybody is able to help him-/herself to get more consciousness and to shine more.
Everybody is able to connect him-/herself to the universe if he looks for a quiet place and sits down.
Close your eyes and connect your head to the universe through a cord and ask for protection from negative energies, for positive energies for your body, for more consciousness and for the power to illumate the darkness.
Ask the universe that you only would like to get things that have been made with love and that you would like to keep in your heart.
If you just accept and keep love in your heart, you are very well protected against negative things such as chemtrails and other kinds of manipulation.
You can ask for something else, too.
Just try it! If you try it seriously and you want the good, you will have more power and energy afterward.
Say thank you and cut off the connection with the universe.
You can repeat that as often as you want.
The energy of the universe is unique and everybody should make use of it.

PDF - ePub - mobi