LunaTerraMartis – Was hat unser Sternbild mit der Seele zu tun ?

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When our human body was born, the day and the month decide about our classified horoscope.
Astrology nowadays classifies our traits by the position of stars and planets at our birth.
Astrology is a science that is very interesting and partly very advanced.
Unfortunately this science is too less taught at our schools.
It is a science that actually leads to the decoding of the universe.
We human beings shall not know too much because if so, a perfectly manipulated world system could overturn.
Therefore the horoscope has its meaning in our material world and there are countless horoscopes that report on the furture, partly right and partly invented.
In the spiritual world our horoscope has another meaning, too.
It has an energetic influence on our body and soul.
All stars and planets of our horoscope are in connection with our soul by resonance (vibration).
Through the energy of the stars and planets our soul is influenced from the birth of the human body until its death.
By those energies and the vibrations to each other, we help our soul to have experiences that it has to have.
It depends on the position of the stars the way they give our soul their energies and through it they partly steer our soul which steers our human body.
Therefore our personal horoscope contributes crucially to our daily feelings and to our behavior.
Many of us know that from the moon that is the closest planet to the earth.
There is a moon calendar, too, that tells us exactly when we should do something the best way possible.
It is the same concerning the many stars and planets that surround us.
All of them but mainly those of our horoscope influence our existence here on earth.
The universe is permanently in connection with us through our spiritual soul.
If the stars and planets change, we change, too.
Not only the soul and the human body are an unit but also the universe partly belongs to it.

PDF - ePub - mobi