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We all know our birth date and some of us the birth time, too.

We are able to classify traits at a rough guess by the help of astrology and horoscopes.

We are able to predict some future events by horoscopes and astrological calculations as well as we are influenced by them.

Very few people know that our birth date and birth time have a much more important meaning.

Our human body was born and the incarnated soul in it has a certain resonance.

It is a vibration that marks the state and the progress of the soul.

Therfore birth date and birth time are the code of the state of our soul when it incarnates in our new born body.

Through this code (date&time) and the name of the person, accurate information about a soul and the currently used human body can be consulted:

from the birth until the date of death of the human body and also about the age of the soul and their whereabouts on different planets.

PDF - ePub - mobi